Frequently Asked Questions About Fisher Putters

Who uses a Fisher Putter on Tour?

Fisher Golf does not pay any endorsements to Tour Golfers. However, the first golfer to use a Fisher Putter regularly won four times, had twenty top-tens, made over $30 million, and lead the Champions Tour in birdies and eagles all in less than two years. This golfer was R.W. Eaks. Previous to using a Fisher Putter he was a non-winner on the PGA and Champions Tours.

Why Haven’t I Heard Of Fisher Golf?

Fisher Putters are sold predominately internationally. They became the number two selling putter at the largest retailer in the UK – American Golf. American Golf has enjoyed over $2 million in profits selling Fisher Putters.

What Is So Special About Fisher Inserts?

Fisher Golf has licensed many major companies (including Titleist, Calloway, and Odyssey) under their insert patents. Fisher does not license its handcrafted Kevflex material to any company. The performance of Kevflex Inserts has been tested. It is proven to roll a golf ball optimally for distance and direction with virtually no skidding or hopping. Because the insert is softer than a golf ball, error caused by surface dimples (called dimple deflection) is eliminated for a truer roll.