I just needed to let you know that my Fisher putter is by far the best putter I have played with and have dropped from a handicap of 12 to 7.  It has a superb feel to it, long putts are easy to judge and most importantly, I rarely miss from 4 to 6 feet.  I love this ... putter.  (Gareth B., IR)

I just bought this putter...  This worked the best, most accurate, and most comfortable amongst many.  I love it, and it'll definitely improve my short game.  Thanks for making such a great product.  (Robert D., CA)

I've had a Fisher putter for many years now...just a great putter.  I'm a resident of South Africa and have lately tried numerous models of putters...but believe me there is ONLY ONE FISHER putter... the best I've played with for years.  I'm playing off a 4 handicapp (sic) which means that my game is not too shabby:  putting being one of the strong parts of my game....  Thanking you for such a fine product...may your product line still give many a golfer many happy years of successfull (sic) putting.  (Justin B., RSA)

I putter and won't look at anything else.  I am a single digit player and my putter is a big reason I score so well.  (Tom W., CA)

I bought my Fisher ... putter a few years ago and it has improved my putting beyond belief...thank you so much!! (Malcolm M., UK)

Thought I'd let you know my new putter is working superbly, an excellent product. (Ken L., UK)




eaks turns life around with fisher putter
Aoki shoots 65 at 65 with Fisher Putter
bob charles finishes in the top 25 at 71 with a fisher putter

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