Putting Tips by Fisher Golf...

Having a great putter is just the start. With a consistent stroke, solid practice routine, and a pre-shot routine you count on making more putts. Here is one tip in each area:

Putting Stroke:

Hold your finish until the ball gets to the hole. While working with over 1000 golfers a year this simple technique helps you follow the ball down the proper line and utilize the consistent roll of a Fisher putter. Every pro on television lets the head release upward and down the putting line and holds it- look for this next time you're watching golf.

Practice Routine:

Putting is primarily distance control. The best drill for this is so rare because if you watch most people practice they hit multiple balls from the same spot trying to sink one. Let your ego go and change your goal to hitting every ball one foot past the hole. Never hit the same putt twice. THE DRILL: Three ball drill with each ball several feet apart. Hit a 10, 15, 20 footer uphill, side hill, downhill. Change the distances 9, 12, 15 or 25, 30, 35. Your ability to control distance cannot be achieved by any short-cut. Anyone who throws a ball or shoots a ball well developed their touch through repetition. Because golfers never hit the same putt twice while playing, the ability to change your stroke length from putt to putt is crucial. Just as hitting balls on the driving range is very different from playing, dropping three balls in the same spot while practicing is unlike true golfing conditions. If you only have time for one golf drill this is it. One added benefit of this drill is it is the best way to acclimate to an unfamiliar golf course's greens. Use this drill on their practice green before playing. Drop your balls, stroke your balls, adjust between strokes, change positions, no practice swings, get it to the hole. You get in more practice and muscle memory in the shortest time. You will have plenty of time to grind out putts and take time when playing.

Pre-shot Routine:

The key is doing the same thing every time. This should include at least a practice stroke while looking at the hole to bring back all the muscle memory from the practice drill above and at least one look at the line from the hole to the ball or whatever spot you have chosen to the ball. One player takes three practice strokes while looking at the hole, three glances down the line then go. Because he has won three majors with this routine doesn't make it right for you. Commit to a consistent, concise (don't take all day), confident routine. Next time you are over an important putt and you know the distance and the matching stroke your confidence and results will improve.


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